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A risk-based strategy that incorporates leading data protection solutions protects your organization’s critical data across its lifecycle. This can be augmented by advisory, transformation, and managed services to achieve customer-centricity and regulatory compliance.

How it works

Supported by our strong partner ecosystem, we help you figure out how to balance data-driven decision making with your responsibility to protect consumer data.

The CPX advantage

Through data-centric services, we enable you to focus on your strengths without distractions related to data security and privacy.

Our Offerings

  • Privacy Framework, Privacy Strategy, and Governance

    Identify and manage privacy risk to build innovative products and services while protecting individuals’ privacy.

  • Privacy Assessments

    Assess the performance of your departments and business units to determine whether they meet your data protection requirements and objectives, and if not, what steps should be taken to rectify this.

  • Data Discovery, Mapping, and Classification

    Understand the value of data, reduce the potential for misuse, standardize your data requirements, and identify your data protection obligations.

  • Privacy Management Solutions

    Obtain strategic recommendations to achieve regulatory compliance and operationalize daily privacy management complexity.

  • Privacy Training and Awareness

    Raise awareness about data privacy and security best practices, and educate your employees on how to handle sensitive information and prevent breaches.

  • Centralized Privacy Office

    Inject privacy expertise into your business to ensure that regulatory compliance is achieved and data is appropriately handled.

Achieve your business objectives while managing cyber risks with our market-leading advisory services.

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