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Sustainable cyber risk strategies enable you to comprehend and tackle threats. Meanwhile, a holistic risk management roadmap aligns business goals and mission with current threat landscape and regulations.

How it works

We formulate a comprehensive cyber risk and compliance strategy and roadmap in line with market developments, risk appetites, and business objectives while balancing compliance requirements against the evolving threat landscape.

The CPX advantage

We apply comprehensive methodology for strategy and risk management projects. We deliver flexibility in project planning that allows for iterative, adaptive, and continuous improvement, empowering you to realize maximum value from your cyber investments.

Our Offerings

  • GRC Advice and Strategy

    Connect cybersecurity to business strategy for building trust and value.

  • Risk Management

    Enable risk ownership and risk management for a successful business.

  • Trusted Advisor vCISO Program

    Obtain trusted advice to strategize, plan, and accompany the implementation of your vision.

  • Data Governance

    Manage and gain control over data assets as well as data flows.

  • Cyber Resilience Roadmap

    Plan and adapt your infrastructure and services to resist cyber threats in the long term.

  • Holistic Cybersecurity Review and Risk Exposure

    Review and update your threat and risk profile based on industry standards and sector.

Achieve your business objectives while managing cyber risks with our market-leading advisory services.

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