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Definition of the current and future state, followed by a gap analysis, enables you to develop roadmaps and design frameworks to improve your security posture.

How it works

We conduct security assessments and help you plan your journey to cyber maturity. We design your security architecture and conduct proof-of-value investigations to establish robust cyber defenses across your organization.

The CPX advantage

We help you stay ahead of the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, ensure regulatory compliance, and optimize the performance of your cyber investments.

Our Offerings

  • Security Architecture Assessments

    Offer secure architecture assessments and cyber transformation roadmap to elevate your security posture.

  • Cyber Maturity Assessments

    Undertake cyber maturity assessments against a defined target state or industry framework to assess and document your Cyber maturity posture.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

    Establish disaster recovery strategy, tactical plans, architecture and testing in order to enhance your Cyber resiliency.

  • Messaging Security

    Assess an organization’s security posture and advise gaps and remediation to enhance your usage of messaging security.

  • Cyber Technology Strategies

    Define strategies for core security programs and provide you with a Cyber strategy roadmap to increase Cyber posture.

Stay one step ahead of attackers with our full cycle of security solutions – from design and build to operate and optimize.

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